An excellent paper on the history of the word scientist  has been published back in April 1964 ( ). Here are some excerpts as well
Today, the gdbm version in FreeBSD's ports has been updated to 1.9.1. After the upgrade, you might notice that some programs (notably, Apache, subversion, git) fail with the following message:
AMBIT web site   has a new design and a streamlined content.   Links to all AMBIT and OpenTox related downloads by IdeaConsult  can be found  in a single page
   We are pleased to anounce a new release of Toxtree software. Toxtree was commisioned by the  JRC Computational Toxicology group back in 2005 and the number of Toxtree
If you try to upgrade or install ImageMagick on FreeBSD with the IMAGEMAGICK_OPENMP option enabled, you might encounter the following error: magick/composite.c: In function 'TextureImage':
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