I encountered this problem while trying to checkout Liferay's source in Eclipse, using the Subclipse plugin. The manifestation was as follows: * anonymous access to the SVN required empty
The protected resources at our test server https://ambit.uni-plovdiv.bg:8443/ambit2 can be again accessed via web browser, despite the fact the web browsers have no support for OpenSSO
A Super Algorithm is a specific instance of an OpenTox algorithm service, that uses other OpenTox services to create a model or a dataset. The model superbuilder   is an initial (and
shells/bash-completion is arguably the best friend of any lazy system administrator (as long as you're not hard-core FreeBSD fan enough to stick to tcsh ). Did you know that it was actually
If you follow the notes in /usr/ports/UPDATING (and you would be wise to do), you must know that the default Python version in FreeBSD has been changed from 2.6.x to 2.7.x. The upgrade of
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