Subscribe to these activities. Subscribe to these activities. Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-09-20T09:20:23Z 2012-09-20T09:20:23Z <a href="" target="_blank">Don&#039;t ever think of launching a web application without offering export of the search results to M$ Excel.Critical for some types of users..</a> 2012-09-20T09:20:23Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-09-20T07:03:26Z 2012-09-20T07:03:26Z <a href="" target="_blank">Shouldn&#039;t decent publishers provide computer readable citation style templates, rather than example PDFs ...</a> 2012-09-20T07:03:26Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-09-20T00:24:06Z 2012-09-20T00:24:06Z <a href="" target="_blank">@egonwillighagen It&#039;s true! See &#034;How Anarchy Works&#034;</a> 2012-09-20T00:24:06Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-08-31T08:16:20Z 2012-08-31T08:16:20Z <a href="" target="_blank">Looks like my broken laptop screen is close to irreparable :( :( too bad, was convenient for travel</a> 2012-08-31T08:16:20Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-08-26T15:25:50Z 2012-08-26T15:25:50Z <a href="" target="_blank">&#034;Traditional QSAR is not the future&#034; - C. Lipinski at #euroqsar2012 . Absolutely!</a> 2012-08-26T15:25:50Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-08-13T08:53:55Z 2012-08-13T08:53:55Z <a href="" target="_blank">@egonwillighagen @brembs . Yes. Moreover: anybody can install an email server (commercial or not), but not twitter server.</a> 2012-08-13T08:53:55Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-20T09:27:44Z 2012-07-20T09:27:44Z <a href="" target="_blank">old code base is like an old house - one always finds something useful and forgotten. well, garbage too :)</a> 2012-07-20T09:27:44Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-15T14:52:47Z 2012-07-15T14:52:47Z <a href="" target="_blank">4.6 earthquake yesterday, now almost 46 °C outside</a> 2012-07-15T14:52:47Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-14T15:22:05Z 2012-07-14T15:22:05Z <a href="" target="_blank">#земетресение 4.6</a> 2012-07-14T15:22:05Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-11T05:55:27Z 2012-07-11T05:55:27Z <a href="" target="_blank">chemical similarity search by google :)</a> 2012-07-11T05:55:27Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-09T18:16:36Z 2012-07-09T18:16:36Z <a href="" target="_blank">if you are using Ambit #opentox services to search by InChI , please URL encode the InChI strings!</a> 2012-07-09T18:16:36Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-04T11:36:13Z 2012-07-04T11:36:13Z <a href="" target="_blank">#Витоша</a> 2012-07-04T11:36:13Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-03T19:23:48Z 2012-07-03T19:23:48Z <a href="" target="_blank">The latest #JChemPaint 3.3-1206 releases are now available as Apache #Maven artifacts at</a> 2012-07-03T19:23:48Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-03T13:35:11Z 2012-07-03T13:35:11Z <a href="" target="_blank"> #Витоша</a> 2012-07-03T13:35:11Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-07-02T06:57:08Z 2012-07-02T06:57:08Z <a href="" target="_blank">@bioontology Only used semiautomatic annotation for ToXML conversion . Definitely would try using #ncbo annotator!</a> 2012-07-02T06:57:08Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-06-28T08:05:23Z 2012-06-28T08:05:23Z <a href="" target="_blank">My latest SlideShare upload : Linking the silos. #opentox</a> 2012-06-28T08:05:23Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-06-27T16:08:38Z 2012-06-27T16:08:38Z <a href="" target="_blank">@egonwillighagen @MatToddChem EPIWin training and validation sets are freely downloadable since a while</a> 2012-06-27T16:08:38Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-06-26T19:56:06Z 2012-06-26T19:56:06Z <a href="" target="_blank">Dispelling the</a> 2012-06-26T19:56:06Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-06-19T11:06:32Z 2012-06-19T11:06:32Z <a href="" target="_blank">Live #Bioclipse demo at QSAR2012 in Tallinn</a> 2012-06-19T11:06:32Z Nina Jeliazkova tweeted. 2012-06-14T19:33:28Z 2012-06-14T19:33:28Z <a href="" target="_blank">JSON has excellent native support for linking - the hash keys - why all #json #rdf serializations fail to recognise and exploit it?</a> 2012-06-14T19:33:28Z