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AMBIT web site updated
AMBIT web site   has a new design and a streamlined content.   Links to all AMBIT and OpenTox related downloads by IdeaConsult  can be found  in a single page .  Guideleness how to install your own instance of AMBIT REST web services , OpenTox API examples , and  OpenTox Java client libraries  releases.  
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New Toxtree 2.5.0 release
   We are pleased to anounce a new release of Toxtree software. Toxtree was commisioned by the  JRC Computational Toxicology group back in 2005 and the number of Toxtree plugins, predicting different aspects of chemical hazards has been growing ever since. Toxtree's first version included only the Cramer rules scheme. The latest version features 14...
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Browsing protected OpenTox datasets
The protected resources at our test server can be again accessed via web browser, despite the fact the web browsers have no support for OpenSSO authentication scheme, used by OpenTox . For example, accessing a protected dataset will return an error, telling the access is forbidden. However, clicking the Login link at the top right , or ...
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OpenTox Model superbuilder
A Super Algorithm is a specific instance of an OpenTox algorithm service, that uses other OpenTox services to create a model or a dataset. The model superbuilder   is an initial (and simplified) implementation of a superservice for creating predictive models, as described in OpenTox API 1.2 . Such a super algorithm uses descriptor calculation service, feature selection service and a...
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How to find data in OpenTox datasets
OpenTox dataset services, currently running at IdeaConsult server , host a number of datasets, containing chemical structures, toxicity data and calculated properties. Some statistics as of today : $ curl 4120 $curl 521838 $ curl ...
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