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Tomcat 6.0.30 is broken

Today I decided to upgrade the tomcat installations on our development and production servers. The first upgrade (6.0.29 --> 7.0.6) went smoothly, however in the second case (6.0.29 --> 6.0.30) I noticed a severe performance degradation, resulting in the dreadful "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" in about 90 minutes from tomcat startup. Some further investigation revealed a memory leak in the NIO connector. It appears that this problem has been acknowledged already, however it is a big shame that no official warning has been published at tomcat 6.0.30's download page after this confession has been made 6 days ago...

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Just to make it clear: the problem is fixed in 7.0.6, right?

Posted on 1/26/11 7:23 PM.

The problem was introduced in 7.0.5 and fixed in 7.0.6. Unfortunatelly it was also back-ported to 6.0.30. No fix is available for the 6.0.x branch, so it is better to use 6.0.29 until a fix becomes available.

Posted on 1/26/11 7:41 PM in reply to Luchesar ILIEV.

Tomcat 6.0.32 has been released yesterday and among other enhancements/ixes resolves the above mentioned NIO connector memory leak in the 6.0.x branch (quote from the changelog: "Remove a huge memory leak in the NIO connector introduced by the fix for (markt)"

Posted on 2/3/11 7:48 PM in reply to Vedrin Jeliazkov.


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